German A1 (3/3) – intensive

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Course information

German A1. In this course you will focus on building the basic communicative skills of the German language. The emphasis is on speaking and understanding in everyday situations, but you will also make rapid progress in vocabulary and reading and lay a solid foundation for the next level.

Get motivated and discover your appetite for learning in this small intensive group with only 8 participants on average.

Information on the organization of this course

Course start guaranteed. This course will take place, no matter how many students are enrolled. This is possible without extra charge thanks to a flexible linear adjustment of the lesson length according to the principle: the fewer the number of participants, the more intensive the learning; the more participants, the longer the lesson.

The lesson duration is adjusted proportionally to the number of participants and is complemented through self-study as follows:
10–12 participants: 240 mins.
8–9 participants: 160 mins. + self study
4–5 participants: 90 mins. + self study
2–3 participants: 75 mins + self study
1 participant: 75 mins (3 course days per week) + self study

The achievable learning goal is rated equally for all these options.

A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

1 - 12

- 12.7.2024

10 x 240

Sprachschule Schneider

9:30 – 13:30








Overview of all course dates

Nr. / Day Date Begin End
1. Monday 01.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
2. Tuesday 02.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
3. Wednesday 03.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
4. Thursday 04.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
5. Friday 05.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
6. Monday 08.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
7. Tuesday 09.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
8. Wednesday 10.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
9. Thursday 11.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)
10. Friday 12.07.2024
9:30 - 13:30
9:30 13:30 (CET)

Course Requirements

This course is intended for learners who have already completed a course at A1-b level or who have a language ability equivalent to around 60-70 hours of study. We determine your current level free of charge and without obligation through a written placement test.

You can do our online German placement test here.

Course location

Sprachschule Schneider
Badenerstrasse 571
8048 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 482 55 55

We are very easy to reach by public transport or car.
2 mins. to the tram and bus stop "Kappeli".
Parkings available.

Course content

In this German course for German as a foreign language you will cover the following topics:
– describe routes, locations and directions
– transport, timetables
– items of clothing, shopping centres
– understand announcements, get by at the train station
– parties, dates and timings
– request services
– read and understand invitations in German
– express congratulations
– speak about people
– express and justify preferences and opinions
In this course you will also get important tips for learning German, the grammar, and for language learning in general.


This German course enables you to achieve the following aims and skills:
– You learn to communicate in German in everyday situations.
– You can understand instructions in German and follow conversations about familiar topics.
– You can write and understand information, notes and instructions, as well as simple articles.
– You get to know everyday German vocabulary on an basis level and have A1 level German grammar at your disposal.
– In addition you learn important cultural information on this German course about Switzerland and other German-speaking countries and their people.

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