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1. Course location

The courses take place in the rooms made available by Sprachschule Schneider AG, unless otherwise indicated in the offer or the invoice. In the case of in-company language courses, the course location will be stated either on the enrolment documents or the invoice.

2. Enrolment and invoicing

Following an oral or written course enrolment you will receive an invoice. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, this is to be paid before the beginning of the course or in installments.

3. Payment in installments

In the case of payment in installments, the first installment is to be paid before course start, unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Fur- ther installments are due consecutively in 30-day intervals. Should you interrupt or leave the course prematurely, you do not have the right to claim a refund or to waive the outstanding amount. Additional administrative expenses will be charged per installment at the rate of CHF 20, from the second installment. For example, if you pay the full course cost in 3 installments, then you will be charged the additional amount of 2 x CHF 20 = CHF 40.

4. Course organisation

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis (on condition of punctual payment). In the case of insufficient numbers, we reserve the right either to run the course as a smaller group and to proportionately reduce the number of hours or cancel the course at any time.

5. Course cancellation

All course cancellations on behalf of the student must be sent to Sprachschule Schneider AG in written form (E-mail or letter). Telephone course cancellations will not be accepted. Depending on the time of course cancellation, a reimbursement of course fees may follow (see point 6). For changes of course time/course day, see point 8.

6. Refunds

6.1  In the case of course cancellations received at least 20 days prior to course start, we will reimburse the full amount paid, less CHF 50.– administrative costs.

6.2  In the case of course cancellation at short notice (e. g. due to illness or holidays), which are received later than 20 days prior to course start but at least 10 days prior to course start, half of the total amount due will be charged. This also applies to invoices payable in installments (payable within 30 days of course start). If the course fees have been paid by the time the course cancel- lation has been submitted, any due refund will be reimbursed within 30 days after course start.

6.3  For course cancellations received less than 10 days before course start or during the course (e. g. due to illness or holidays), or in the case of participant absence without course cancellation, payment of the invoice total is due. The full course fee is also due in cases where the invoice is to be paid in installments. No refund or credit will be granted for any payment already received.

6.4  In exceptional cases and only upon receipt of a written request addressed to the school management, and following due consideration of the particular circumstances presented, a voucher for course attend- ance at a later date may be issued. As a result an additional adminis- trative charge of at least CHF 50.– will be invoiced.

6.5  In the following situations a refund of course fees is granted:
– In case of a course cancellation made by Sprachschule Schneider, due to an insufficient number of participants (see point 4) or if no suitable teacher is available (e. g. in case of illness or relocation).
– If a planned course does not take place.
In any situation, the amount of the reimbursement cannot exceed the pro rata fee of the lessons which were paid but which did nottake place. Any further claims are excluded (e. g. claims based on any financial disadvantages because the client has not acheived a diploma or a personal and/or professional goal or based on any claim or fee by a third party).

7. Course start

Course start will be indicated on the enrolment or the invoice. In
the case of private tuition, course start will be arranged directly with the teacher and this date will be taken as the valid course start in the case of any refund of course fees (see point 6). If no definite course start day is specified on registration, but rather a month or several months, the 15th day of the latest specified month shall be regarded as the binding start date for point 6.

8. Change of course time

8.1 Appointment postponements are to be addressed directly to the teacher. Course participants are responsible for ensuring and confirm- ing that the teacher is informed of the postponement in good time.

8.2 One to one lessons can be postponed free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson (Monday appointments by 18.00 of the previous Friday at the latest). Any cancellations made at a later stage (e.g. due to illness or holidays) will not be accepted and as a result the cancelled lesson will be charged.

Course package «VIP» allows for a free course postponement up to 2 hours before the lesson start.

Course package «Basic» does not allow for any postponements, e.g. in case of illness, holidays or force majeure. Missed lessons expire and cannot be made up or credited.

8.3 To change the course time of a private lesson in a group of two, both students must agree on the change of appointment, i. e. the person who is unable to attend the arranged lesson is responsible for contact- ing their lesson partner and can only change the appointment free of charge with their agreement. Should one or both parties fail to attend without cancelling the lesson in time (e. g. due to illness or holiday), it will be charged as a normal lesson.

8.4 It is not possible to change the lesson time of group courses, e. g. because of illness or holidays. Missed lessons can not be added on or made up at a later date.

8.5 Group courses in companies, or courses which were booked as a group, may be postponed one course date per course semester free of charge, provided the teacher is informed 7 days in advance. Later appointment postponement will result in additional charges.

Course package «VIP» allows for an unlimited amount of postponements up to 24 hours before the lesson start. Course package «Basic» does not allow for any postponements, e.g. in case of illness, holidays or force majeure. Missed lessons expire and cannot be made up or credited.

8.6 Previously agreed appointments for immersion courses may be postponed free of charge up to 14 days (course packages «Superior» and «VIP» up to 3 days) before the course day. If a postponement is made at short notice, but no less than 48 hours before the course start, 50% of the agreed appointment length can be transferred to another date. Later cancellations or non-attendance will result in the whole agreed lesson time being forfeited.

9. Transfer of lessons

Enrolments for language courses are only valid for the person(s) citedon the invoice and are not transferable to another party.

10. Validity

10.1 For groups and Immersion courses, the duration of the validity of your enrolment will be stated on your course invoice. Should a lesson be cancelled by the course organisers (e. g. because of illness or absence of the teacher), these will, wherever possible, be made up within the duration of the booking or the course will be prolonged according to the number of lessons missed.

10.2 Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, private bookings up to and including 50 hours are valid for 4 months (course package «VIP» 12 months) after the date stated on the invoice. For bookings longer than 50 hours, validity is increased by 4 months (course package «VIP» 12 months) for each additional 50 hours booked. Validity can also be extended on written request by the school management, but will result in the following course length reduction: each 4-month extension will reduce the number of hours initially booked by 10 %. A booking can be extended by 4 months a maximum of 4 times (16 months in total). Each extension will incur the aforementioned 10 % reduction.

Sprachschule Schneider AG is under no obligation to inform course participants when their course end date is approaching. It is the responsibility of the course participant to note the course end date or booking validity as stated on the relevant documentation or invoice.

11. Recruitment of employees

The recruitment or employment, as the case may be, of Sprachschule Schneider employees by a client during a contract or within a period of 24 months after the cessation of a contract will result in the pay- ment of a half year’s worth of the salary of the employee involved (or a minimum of CHF 40 000.– respectively) by the said client of the Sprachschule Schneider AG.

12. Court of jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable. Court of jurisdiction is Zurich.

Zurich, 1 October 2019

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