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Let's Talk Business! Successful communication thanks to professional group courses!

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German course in a company. The teacher is writing on a flip-chart, the course participants are sitting around a table.

Business-language courses, learn from the pros

Our professional business-language courses with a wide mix of practical topics from daily business guarantee successful communication in typical business situations. You work with teaching material which is specially selected to meet your business language needs. Recommended from beginner level.

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Course location: your choice across the whole of Switzerland

We teach wherever you would like. In your company anywhere in Switzerland, in our modern training centre in Zürich, via telephone or Skype, over lunch, in the train, on a business trip.

A Russian course in company the teacher and the students are sitting around a table

Language courses in topics specific to your company

100% tailored to the special needs of the participants and the vocabulary of your industry: our tailor-made language courses quickly get your employees fit for the demands of the working day. Be it speaking on the phone competently, meetings, understanding instructions in the production process, job interviews, drawing up contracts – we are looking forward to hearing your concrete wishes and needs!

Learning Japanese in a company. Did Japanese teacher is sitting at The table opposite the students.

Seminars with special topics

Business seminars with specific content, for example, intercultural communication, recruiting from other countries without making faux pas, target-group-specific corresponding, etc.

An online French group course in a company. A small group of employees are learning French via video conference.

Company courses online: convenient, flexible and efficient

We have developed our online group company courses to make learning exactly as effective as in our classic in-company courses. You study in the smallest of groups just as you would in our traditional lessons, but flexibly and independent of location.

A business executive woman in an online video chat with her English teacher making a winner sign with her hand.

Pros learn in our diploma courses

Preparing for a language diploma with us gives you excellent chances of success. Our teachers are highly trained and will prepare you professionally for all authoritative diplomas in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

A Spanish course in a small group. The teacher is explaining at the flipchart facing and smiling at the students.

Language courses with everyday topics

A wide mix of topics from everyday life. Course books with general topic content. Recommended for levels A1 to C2.

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Every course is unique

Expect everything from us – except a run-of-the-mill course! Every course at Sprachschule Schneider is as individual and unique as the needs of its participants.

This is how our clients see us.

Check out the evaluation platform Proven Expert for our latest ratings:

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