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Learn English, French, German, and other languages on the fast track. Immerse yourself in your target language. Simulate your day-to-day business.

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Immersion. One-to-one, the super-intensive way.

On this page, you will find an overview of our Immersion courses.

What does “immersion” stand for? The term “immersion” means “to dive in” and describes the method of this most intensive form of one-to-one tuition. The course participants spend the whole day immersed in the target language, hearing, thinking and speaking in nothing but the language from morning till evening, even in the breaks and in excursions along with the teacher. Just as in an intensive language stay.

Immersion courses can be booked as half-day or whole-day courses. At Sprachschule Schneider, at your workplace, at a place of your choice or online.

An intensive immersion one-to-one Chinese course. The teacher is standing next to the students who are sitting at the table and is explaining something on the laptop

Business immersion

Immersion language courses with a wide mix of topics from day-to-day business, as well as business teaching material selected for your needs. For successful communication in typical situations from everyday business. Recommended from beginner level.

An intensive immersion Spanish one-to-one course. Teacher and stundent are doing conversation in Spanish. Photographer > getty images

Immersion with everyday topics

Immersion courses with a wide mix of topics from everyday life. Course books with general topic content. Also suitable for private individuals.

A man is learning Italian online and is talking to his teacher via video chat on his laptop.  

Immersion online

Learn languages online or on the telephone. Any time, any place. Just as in a classic immersion lesson your highly-qualified native-speaking teacher plans your lesson flexibly to meet your wishes and needs. That’s how intensive online learning is done in a personalised way.

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Put together your individual immersion language course with only a few clicks in our Course Finder, book a course and start in no time.

An intensive Russian one to one immersion course. The teacher and the studens are doing a conversation in Russian.

The ideal solution: premium immersion

Our premium product for the fastest learning-success in communicating for your company. Every single tuition hour is individually planned and tailored to concrete situations from your day-to-day work by your teacher, who is specially selected for this training. Instead of working with standard material, you work with relevant documents and projects from your company. Or you could allow your teacher to accompany you in your daily work, and in this way improve your communication in concrete situations, be it meetings, presentations and negotiations, or interviews with employees and job candidates. Recommended from level A2.

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An intensive Italian one-to-one immersion course. Teacher and student are doing Italian conversation

The fastest way to a language diploma

The fastest preparation for an internationally-recognised language diploma. In immersion tuition, you focus specifically on the exam sections that are important for you and get the maximum out of the training.

Flexible appointments

Immersion can be booked as a half-day or as a whole-day, with one or several teachers, according to intensity. The immersion days can be scheduled flexibly, e.g. on consecutive days or with one or more days’ break in between. Let us know which days you can do and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

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