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What sets us apart. Many reasons for Sprachschule Schneider's success. Find out about our values and standards.

Only the best teach for us

Our native-speaking teachers are the perfect people to inspire you:

  • Highly-qualified, in their subject and in teaching
  • Always up-to-date thanks to regular training
  • Years of course experience
  • Experienced in many economic sectors
  • Motivating personalities

Flexible course types

Sprachschule Schneider’s course concept is based on course types which offer lots of room for course design for companies or private individuals:

  • Small groups
  • Flexible online classes
  • One-to-one: individual and customised to your needs
  • Immersion: Half- and whole-day courses for learning a fast pace

We are easy to reach by tram, bus or car

Our school is situated within easy reach of tram and bus (stop called “Kappeli”), and there are parkings for our customers.

Our values

The underlying values which we foster within the team as well as in our approach to our clients and suppliers are characterized through the following qualities:

  • Humaneness
  • Deference and respect
  • Appreciation and fostering of exceptional performance

High teaching standards

  • Individualized and flexible lesson structure
  • Native-speaker teachers with excellent qualifications
  • The smallest of learning groups
  • Practice-oriented course content
  • Engaging teaching style, which allows frequent opportunities to speak
  • Fostering the joy of learning

Quality, certification and further education

  • We develop and ensure the quality of our service through the “eduQua” quality certificate.
  • We observe the rights of staff to fair remuneration and actively support their education. This enables a high level of performance and high-quality work.

Communication between people

  • We foster understanding between people of different cultures.
  • We attach great importance to the cultural and social aspects of a language

Every course is unique

Expect everything from us – except a run-of-the-mill course! Every course at Sprachschule Schneider is as individual and unique as the needs of its participants.

Top marks from our clients

The participants are extremely happy with our language courses. Over 5,500 course evaluations say this loud and clear.

This is how our clients see us.

Check out the evaluation platform Proven Expert for our latest ratings:

High success rate in diploma courses

Whether Business English, Goethe-Diploma or DELF and DALF, thanks to preparation through our pros, you can give your language knowledge the finishing touch with the language diploma of your choice.

Individualised course content

We plan the course according to your needs. We are happy to learn more about your needs.

  • Business
  • Topics specific to your company
  • Topics from daily life
  • Diploma courses
  • Presenting and negotiating
  • Telephone training
  • Writing training
  • Pronunciation training
  • Intercultural topics
  • Study-support courses for children and teenagers

Equal opportunities

  • We treat all staff equally, regardless of race, disability, origin, religion, sex or age
  • We pay fairly: same work, same pay.

Environmental protection

  • Choice of location: our training centre is located close to the Zurich Altstetten tram stop Kappeli, making it ideal for reaching us by public transport.
  • Emission prevention: we offer our company clients in-house and online courses wherever possible throughout Switzerland.
  • Eco-energy: Sprachschule Schneider gets its energy from renewable sources. Source, EWZ Zürich.

This is how our clients see us.

Check out the evaluation platform Proven Expert for our latest ratings:

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