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¿Hablas español? Learn Spanish at Sprachschule Schneider in Zurich or in one of our online Spanish courses from beginner to advanced levels.

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A young man is learning Spanish online via video conference and is waving at his teacher.

Learn Spanish online - personal and flexible

Learn Spanish online or on the telephone. Any time, any place. Just as in a classic private lesson your highly-qualified native-speaking teacher plans your lesson flexibly to meet your wishes and needs. That’s how online learning is done in a personalised way.

Spanish online group

Learn Spanish in online mini-groups with only 4-6 people

Learn Spanish in an online mini-group! Our Spanish courses from A1 to C2 level are the ideal preparation for your stay in Latin America or Spain. Thanks to our small online groups, you get a chance to speak more often and enjoy success in your studies sooner. Get motivated and discover your appetite for learning with modern online Spanish lessons!

An intensive immersion Spanish one-to-one course. Teacher and stundent are doing conversation in Spanish. Photographer > getty images

Immersion: learn Spanish at a rapid pace

Completely immerse yourself in the Spanish language and learn it at record speed! With our whole- and half-day courses you hear, think, and speak nothing but Spanish from morning till evening.

A Spanish course in a company. The teacher is standing at the flip.chart, the students are sitting around a table. Photographer > getty images

Company courses: learn practical and sector-specific Spanish

For companies, we offer a large number of Spanish courses with attractive conditions and special services, be it for general topics or topics specifically to meet the requirements of your company, for example: Spanish in sales, for presentations and international contact in the area of tourism and hospitality.

spanish online mini groups

Learn Spanish flexibly in a private course

The especially flexible way to learnSpanish: in one-to-one lessons you determine how fast you want to learn Spanish and which topics you would like to focus on, completely flexibly. Whether you would like to prepare for a language diploma from the University of Salamanca, or learn simple Spanish for your holiday trip, whether you would like to optimise your Spanish knowledge for your work, or learn to speak Spanish like a pro, in one-to-one lessons you can efficiently achieve your personal goals.

Businessman is learning Spanish in a tailor made one-to-one Spanish course. His teacher and he have a laptop in front of them

Spanish for special purposes

Sprachschule Schneider is the perfect place for a Spanish course with specialised topics. For beginners and also for pros. For professional or private purposes. For example, for presentations and intercultural topics, or also as private preparation for your stay in Latin America or Spain.

On a tablet it says "hablas español? - do you speak Spanish?" -

Spanish placement test

Thanks to our precise placement test, we are able to plan your Spanish course in a way that it builds on your existing knowledge. At Sprachschule Schneider it is even possible to join a group mid-course as we can compare its current progress with your level. Therefore rapid progress is a given.

A young woman is sitting in fromt of her computer raising her arms because she has just passed the Spanish exam DELE

Pros learn in our Spanish diploma courses

Put the finishing touch to your Spanish knowledge and get certified! Those who prepare for a Spanish certificate at Sprachschule Schneider have an excellent chance of success. Be it for the DELE language diploma, the TELC Español at levels A1, A2, and B1, or the business diploma from the Chamber of Commerce in Madrid – our specialists are highly qualified and will prepare you professionally for all authoritative Spanish diplomas.

This is how our clients see us.

Check out the evaluation platform Proven Expert for our latest ratings:

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