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Flexible course dates

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Flexible scheduling of course dates

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We recommend that you book at least 22 dates for this course.

Course information

In this online group course for your company you take part independantly from your current location. Your qualified mother-tongue teacher is connected to the participants via Skype or other innovative online channels suiting your company network.

Course days

The dates can be set flexibly according to your wishes and the availability of our teachers. As a rule, course times are possible from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., including over midday. If it is possible, we will also be happy to schedule other dates.


Are you not sure if this course is right for you? Then simply contact us via E-Mail and we will help you to find a solution.

You can find general information and an overview of all Russian courses onthis page.

Course content

This writing training helps you to express yourself in writing in a better and more structured way. After an analysis of your current writing skills you systematically work on the areas in need of improvement, such as spelling, punctuation, syntax or also your writing style. In addition, you will receive the help necessary to make the way you express yourself in your texts seem natural and to make a good impression on the reader.


After a professional analysis of your current writing ability, we work together to define the goals for your writing training based on your wishes and needs. These could be, for example, the reduction or elimination of writing errors, or to perfect your sentence structure in order to give your writing style the finishing touch.

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