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  • Learn comfortably and flexibly where you work. Our teacher will train you on site at your company.
  • Learn in Sprachschule Schneider's modern classrooms directly at Zurich Wollishofen station.

Course content

  • In the general language course you will improve your language skills systematically and progressively in lessons built around an up-to-date textbook: writing, reading, listening and speaking.
  • In conversation classes you will practice speaking freely and fluently without any material. Through natural conversation you will build your vocabulary and grow in confidence.
  • In the work-oriented business course you systematically build up your language skills for everyday business life using a modern textbook.
  • The diploma course prepares you for the examination day. Using past papers and sample tests, you will become familiar with the exam format and improve your language skills. The general examination level should already be reached at the beginning of the diploma preparation.
  • Work with authentic material from your everyday professional life. Targeted practice improves your knowledge quickly and effectively. We select the course materials individually with you.
  • Correct your writing specifically. Precise analysis of your texts improves grammar, vocabulary and text structure.
  • In pronunciation training you work specifically on your individual difficulties. Exercises in phonetics, intonation and sentence rhythm help you to achieve clear and distinct pronunciation.
  • Use language persuasively in your application. We will work with you to improve your curriculum vitae, your letter of application and practise your speaking skills for the job interview.
  • Structuring a presentation, building up vocabulary appropriate for the target audience and appearing confident - in the presentation course you will develop the language skills for giving presentations.
  • Improve your interview technique, master employee interviews and acquire important vocabulary, e.g. for contracts and social security.

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1 course

  • Italian General Topics A1-B1 Immersion on site
    from  CHF 67.00 per 45 mins.

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    Immersion on site

    Every-day topics


    Course goals!

    This course enables you to achieve the following goals and skills:
    – you can understand practically everything that you read or hear effortlessly
    – you can summarize written and spoken information from different sources, and thereby report reasons and explanations in a coherent way.
    – you can express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, and make finer nuances in meaning clear even in complex facts.